Cost Of Living in the Philippines — or the Price of Coal


Peggy Seeger once penned some mighty lyrics: … Bone and blood is the price of coal … … Thru all their lives they dug their grave … But what Peggy hadn’t figured out at the time was that the true price of coal is far higher than the lives lost mining it.  Even the cleanest-burning, […]

Your Best Places To Live In The Philippines


Where Are The Best Places to Live in the Philippines? I posted awhile back on this subject, What Are Your Best Places Philippines?, and also put up a dedicated best places in the Philippines map page with every suggestion I’ve received regarding the best places to like in the Philippines. So few suggestions, though.  Why […]

Teaching English In The Philippines (or any other country)


Many readers are familiar with my series on making a business out of teaching English in the Philippines (starts here Live in the Philippines — Online English Business Thoughts 1) as a way to support yourself in the Philippines (or enable you to become financially independent of where you live), so you can live in […]

Retirement Visa (SRRV) Philippines


Today I’ll talk a little about the Philippine Retirement Visa (SRRV) and who may find it useful. As usual, this blog would write itself if I only let it.  Here’s part of a comment exchange between a Canadian reader, Gloria and I regarding living in the Philippines and what visa to use for a foreigner. […]

What Should Be In Your Wallet in the Philippines

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This is sort of a follow-on to my recent What’s in Your Wallet in the Philippines? post, along with a few random recommendations and some shoutouts to friends who make my living  here in the Philippines a lot more royal than it would be otherwise. Retire Like a King in the Philippines First, I want to […]