More About Foreigner Jobs in the Philippines

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Foreigner Jobs.  This is always one of my popular and searched for items … Jobs for Americans in the Philippines.  Personally, if I had to have a J*O*B I’d rather have one in the US, but who am I to tell others what to do. Jobs for foreigners in the Philippines have traditionally been hard […]

Past, Present, Future — Living in the Philippines

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Recently I came across some results from a blogging colleague who had surveyed his readers regarding some of their biggest regrets.  I’ve been holding off on publishing this for sometime because I stupidly lost the link and therefore can’t credit it … so if anyone recognizes this, please shoot me a note straightaway and I’ll […]

Chickens in the Philippines

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Chickens in the Philippines. Where did that idea come from? Well, as usual, it came from one of my most valuable assets in the world, my readers here at PhilFAQS (where yu can get the answers to Frequently Asked Question (FAQS) about living in the Philippines. Even about chickens in the Philippines. Now this isn’t a post […]

Party Business in the Philippines

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Party Business in the Philippines.  I wrote about this idea just a few days back, regarding online business and the supposed “sleaze” factor. But if that article had a real failing, it would be that it didn’t focus in any way on living in the Philippines … a major reason many of you out there show up. (And thanks for showing […]

Isn't Making Money Online in the Philippines Kind Of — Sleazy?


Money Online in the Philippines. Isn’t that kind of — You Know, Sleazy.?  That might seem a sort of strange question for me to start an article with, since many people know I make a little money online, and everyone who reads here ought to know that I live in the Philippines … I’ve bene here […]

Making It Hard On Yourself in the Philippines


You know there are lots of reasons that foreigners can have a hard time living here in the Philippines, so there is no reason to make it hard on yourself in the Philippines … or so this old man opines at any rate. But it’s likely you are saying, “How stupid is that, Dave?  I mean, who, in their […]

Start a Business in the Philippines — Do You Really Want To?

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Start a Business in the Philippines.  Yesterday I wrote an article about how to start a business in the Philippines.  You might want to refer back to it if you are still in that Philippine business dream world. Start a Business in the Philippines — Practical? One of my good readers here at PhilFAQS is […]

Start a Business in the Philippines


Start a Business in the Philippines Note to long-time readers:  This post was originally published back in June, 2009.  It’s still one of my most in-demand subjects, though, so I brought it up-to-date, fact checked it and rolled it out again to meet reader demand. This is one of those sorts of posts that I really don’t care much about […]

Casablanca Subic Yet Again?


Casablanca Subic … I just looked at my calendar. Yes indeed, I just realized it’s almost time.  Time for something I have bene looking forward to for nearly a month now. The lovely Unofficial Cook and I are going to the Casablanca Resort and Hotel in the Subic Bay Freeport Zone yet again.   (I’ve written before about this hotel in the […]

Philippine Attitude Toward Foreign Business


Philippine Attitude Toward Foreign Business I came across this recent article in a decent-size, respected newspaper in Cebu … the second-largest city in the Philippines.  So it is not just some off-the-wall crackpot writing from the hinterlands. A lot of people wonder why I am not big at all on the idea of foreigners starting […]

Earning a Living in the Philippines — But Not From the Philippines

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Anyone interested in earning a living in the Philippines who comes here often should remember a post I did a few months back about online business in the Philippines aside from the language Learning Niche … which I consider a pretty good prospect, but is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea. (By the way, unless […]

A Treasured Friend


Welcome back to my sometimes co-author, Gia.  If you like her work, please let her know.  I particularly enjoyed publishing this article, because I so often write about some of the personal and family issues involved with moving to the Philippines.  Sometimes we forget, it can hurt both ways …. Has anyone ever had a friend?  A friend whom you […]