You Are Never Going To Be Happy in the Philippines — Unless —

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How much does this sound like your reasoning behind moving to the Philippines … or wanting to? … In life many of us chase the seemingly elusive ‘prize’ of happiness and seek it out in all sorts of places.  We look for it in a marriage, we wonder if it can be provided by children, […]

Health Care Costs and Availability


We’ve mentioned this subject before, especially within the living in the Philippines or retiring in the Philippines context.  Medical care seems to be one of the top areas of concern to everyone planning a move here to the Philippines.  And of course, medical care and the costs you have to pay for it should certainly […]

Just Refuse To Pay The Fear Tax!

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Seth  had an interesting post that he happened to pen at virtually the same time I wrote my “Just Give Up” opus last “Opinionated Monday”. Here’s what happens as a result of security theater at the Orlando airport: You wait in line at least twenty minutes There’s a scrum of pushing and shoving The staff […]

How Do You Cope With Living in the Philippines?


This article kind of pairs up with the “slow down” one I wrote recently  It’s mainly an expanded answer I gave to an interesting comment I received from a reader … keep those cards and letters coming, folks. Here’s an interesting comment from faithful reader, Dave from Texas: … More and more frequently I think […]

Should We Just Give Up and Die Now, Save Worry and Handwringing?

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You know, from time to time I receive emails from the US Embassy regarding closures, hours of service changes and (not within recent memory) legitimate issues I should be aware of as a US citizen.  But this mail, received on Friday the 13th, my time, has got to take the cake.  I mean if the […]

Slow Down in the Philippines

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One of my long-time Australian readers sent me a link to a nice article from an Australian expat living in Indonesia.  It made for some good, and thought-provoking reading. Even though there are a huge list of differences between living in Indonesia and living in the Philippines, there are definitely some important lessons we expats […]

A Surplus of Riches — Or Comparisons of Riches.


Just yesterday I found and wrote about a neat online expense comparison tool called  Expatistan take costs from cites around the world, mostly input by local residents, and cleverly compares them to local costs in a city you might be interested in … giving a quick and first hand look at what it might […]