Smells Like America


Some readers may have noticed there is a rather lively (lively for this blog, anyway) discussion going on in the comments for this article: It really just occurred to me that there are readers here who may not even be aware of what a “balikbayan” box is, and others who may not realize just […]

Real Cost of Living, Philippines


Happy New Year 2010 to all my readers new and old.  This post is updated today, 27 December, 2009.  I really don’t see the need to change any figures right now on the attached spreadsheet breakdown, as virtually everything there appears to still be correct within pennies.  I’ll update again at intervals as I feel […]

Working In The Philippines

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A lot of folks I’ve met on-line over the past 7 or 8 years want to live in the Philippines.  Many are also below normal retirement age and don’t have a pension or other regular non-work income source to support their move.  So those with technical talent often ask about getting a tech job in […]

Marriage, Nationality and Divorce

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By Atty. Rita Linda V. Jimeno The story of Rosanne in my column last week triggered numerous reactions from readers that merit discussion. As a jump-off point, we shall encapsulate Rosanne’s case.  Her Filipino husband who used to be loving and conscious of his familial obligations, abandoned all his duties toward her and their children […]

Things I Learned So Far This Christmas — Part 2

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Yesterday, give or take a few hours, I promised you some thoughts on the questions: Do you want to retire in the Philippines? Do you want to move to the Philippines and earn a living here? Are you undecided about either of those first two questions? Are you searching for a job in the Philippines? […]

Things I Learned So Far This Christmas

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I looked this quote up a few minutes ago.  It was posted back in March 2009, and got virtually no notice.  So one of those “sides of the brain” of mine (I don’t know the right from the left, or so I have been told) says to me, “why write about this again, Dave, they […]

Health Insurance Quotes — Philippines


This article was originally written a few months ago.  It has been significantly corrected, updated and expanded with new, hands-on information.  In addition I have added a note about one of my advertisers at the end, a provider who not only offers health insurance in the Philippines, but provides what appears to be very good […]

Just Joking, Lang

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I was telling someone a funny story that happened to me recently, and I figured why not share it … I’m too damn serious about a lot of these things anyway, or so people tell me. First of all, “lang” is a Filipino word that literally translates to the English word “only”.  That’s one reason […]