In the Philippines if You're Pala-Tawa, You're Doing OK

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It’s suppertime and I planned to be through with blogging and playing with my online empire by now, but I just had to write another quick post to tell you about the best Christmas present I’ve received this year … and in a number of years to tell the truth. My lovely Mita, the Unofficial […]

Never Get Scammed in the Philippines


How’s that for a guarantee?  Think it will hold up? Well I’m not sure, and it’s not a guarantee … I don’t offer them … it’s advice only from a lay person. But I will say this. It’s informed advice and it will go a long, long way to insuring you don’t get scammed … […]

Why We Move to the Philippines


Well it’s almost the end of 2008, and Mita and I are still here in the Philippines.  As we move into the second quarter of our third year here I still have no regrets at all about making the move. In fact when I get trapped into watching news from the US or find the […]

Are We Philippine Freaks?


Just looking through my drafts and figured I ought to finish this one up and release it into the wild.  This quote comes from my friend Andy Wibbel’s blog (Andy is not a Philippines freak, he has his own problems 😉 ) but the thought is quite appropriate There’s always a bigger freak than you. […]

Philippines and the Rest of Asia — 2009


Sorry I wasn’t clear.  This promo is for 2009.  Full information is here.  I only recommend Cathay Pacific, I don’t sell air tickets or provide travel services, see my recommendations for travel agents here.  As a further note, Cathay Pacifc only list their flights fro  certain US cites, however Cathay Pacific is an American Airlines […]

Philippine — US Connections


Many people I know with blogs complain that they suffer “blogger’s block” and are often stymied in finding something to write about.  Some have told me they wanted to start their own blogs but are worreid about that ‘nothing to write about’ problem. Well when it comes to writing about the Philippines I just can’t […]

Philippine Currency Trading


They say a picture is worth 10,000 words’ I’m no expert, but looking at what the major US stock indexes have done this year and what the gain I could have made on trading Philippine pesos would hav ebeen gives me some thoughts. I’m looking into a no-risk way to capitalize on this trend. I’m […]

Philippine Business Must Be Doing Very Well


Well for those of you who hate posts about making a living in the Philippines, especially making a living in the Philippines on line, or supplemented by the online world, this will likely be another post you don’t enjoy.  Sorry about that, I write when I’m “in the mood” and this is what I’m “Moody”  […]

Free Skills to Become Successful in the Philippines

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I received feedback from some readers that indicated these posts on making a living in the Philippines are not as popular as my simple, first-person accounts of just plain daily life here in Marilao, Bulacan, Philippines. So I certainly promise to focus in that direction in the coming year, but more than 70% of my […]

There Are a Lot of Us in the Philippines


I had a chuckle a few nights ago  while watching the news from ANC … ANC is part of The Philippine Channel, a commercial service of broadcast giant ABS-CBN in Manila which reaches something like 100 countries, either as a cable channel or as a direct broadcast satellite service … it’s available across the US, […]