Airports In The Philippines


In a nation made up of 7107 separate islands those of us used to driving everywhere are going to find ourselves learning to use alternative forms of transport.  One of the good things about living in the Philippines is that there are many local (domestic) airlines and they offer many inexpensive (sometimes downright cheap) fares […]

Philippine Domestic Airline Travel Tips


Recently I read an interesting piece on one of the better Philippine blogs I follow about a fellow expat’s problems with a trip on Air Philippines one of the better-known domestic carriers here in the Philippines.  the article pointed out many of the l ittle “idiosyncrasies” one has to learn to live with here … the […]

More Help On Adapters — Fit Any Plug

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Here’s a little update on the article about voltage/frequency standards and using your current computers and appliances in the Philippines. Most laptops are multi-voltage but it is surprising how many laptop power supplies (the big “wart” in your power cord) go bad and how easy it is to lose a cable … thus making a […]

Life Is What Happens When You're Busy Planning Something Else


Don’t know where that saying came from, it’s one of those “oldies but goodies” though that keeps on circulating because it is so true.  I was working on a totally different posting for PhilFAQS this morning, along with a number of other projects, when this gem of a travel article popped up in response to […]

Getting Around In The Northland

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I’m working on a number of other PhilFAQS blog subjects (perhaps one of my weaknesses, too many irons in the fire at once) but I couldn’t resist Bob Martin’s recent post about “Getting Around“.  Bob lives down there in the sunny Philippine Southland, Davao City, Mindanao, which is almost as far south as you can […]

How To Make Millions In The Philippines

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Well, perhaps I am a bit over enthusiastic there.  I’m not yet sure I have the secret to individual fortunes.  But I do know how Philippine businesses could increase their bottom line profits tremendously … at absolutely no cost.  So if you know someone in business here or if you’re thinking of starting a business, […]

I Could Write A Book

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I could write a book … sigh.  Every day the Manila papers are full of news about some hotel chain or another investing in the Philippines.  But just try to find a hotel, as noted, on-line .. or one that doesn’t double their rates.  Even when living here in the Philippines it’s a tremendous hassle […]

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

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‘Habitat for Humanity’ goes on recruitment drive By Tarra QuismundoMANILA, Philippines–It takes no expert to pile blocks, drive nails or paint walls, just the heart to make time to rebuild lives one by one. Seeking to enlist more volunteers for a noble mission, international humanitarian organization Habitat for Humanity is going on a road trip […]

Mitsubishi GLS Sport AUV Review

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Never let it be said I am not in tune with my readers.  I noticed yesterday that my car story seemed to spark some interest, and people were searching for information on my Mitsubishi GLS Sport AUV. I’ve had this car since mid-December 2006 now and it’s a vehicle in which I am well pleased.  […]