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Not So Scary Philippine Move

A few days back I wrote about the fact that ,any people consider the very thought of moving to the Philippines “Scary”.  I asked readers to write and tell me why and what part of the idea of … [Read More...]

Philippine Cost of Living

perso rate

Philippine Peso Rate Robbery?

Every now and then I turn a phrase which pleases me.  I don't know how well it pleases others, but then again, I am a legend in my own mind, so do I really care? Most people seem happier bitching … [Read More...]

Doing Business in the Philippines

Make a Living in the Philippines


There Is No Profit in Being a Skeptic

If you are interested in leaning how to make a living online (or off), I recommend you take the time to read h-this great article my blogging colleague Chad Hamzeh recently published. “THAT DOESN’T … [Read More...]

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Life Can Be Taxing in the Philippines

Most of my good article ideas come from comments and queries from my readers.  So keep those comments flowing, and if you would like to talk to me directly, use the dedicated “spam free” Contact … [Read More...]