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US Tourist Visa

Can My Friend Get a US Tourist Visa?

Can She Get a US Tourist Visa? This is a frequent question for me here at, where I try to answer the FAQS (frequently asked questions) about living in the Philippines. As always, with a … [Read More...]


Is Your Child a Citizen?

Is Your Child a Citizen?  Hmm, strange title, Dave.  A Citizen of what country? Ah, that’s the reason for this article.  One might think that would be an easy answer, but I get many queries that … [Read More...]

Philippine Cost of Living

perso rate

Philippine Peso Rate Robbery?

Every now and then I turn a phrase which pleases me.  I don't know how well it pleases others, but then again, I am a legend in my own mind, so do I really care? Most people seem happier bitching … [Read More...]

Doing Business in the Philippines

Make a Living in the Philippines


Do You Hate Your Job?

Do you hate your job? Well It’s Sunday morning here in the Philippines as I write this.  My websites are all running well, thank the Lord, and the sun is shining.  I’m a happy camper. In about 24 … [Read More...]

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Life Can Be Taxing in the Philippines

Most of my good article ideas come from comments and queries from my readers.  So keep those comments flowing, and if you would like to talk to me directly, use the dedicated “spam free” Contact … [Read More...]