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Not So Scary Philippine Move

A few days back I wrote about the fact that ,any people consider the very thought of moving to the Philippines “Scary”.  I asked readers to write and tell me why and what part of the idea of … [Read More...]


More On Red Shirts and Blue Pants

Recently I published this article.  I got such a good comment on the post I felt it needed another full article to explain some of … [Read More...]

Philippine Cost of Living

perso rate

Philippine Peso Rate Robbery?

Every now and then I turn a phrase which pleases me.  I don't know how well it pleases others, but then again, I am a legend in my own mind, so do I really care? Most people seem happier bitching … [Read More...]

Doing Business in the Philippines

Make a Living in the Philippines


Do You Hate Your Job?

Do you hate your job? Well It’s Sunday morning here in the Philippines as I write this.  My websites are all running well, thank the Lord, and the sun is shining.  I’m a happy camper. In about 24 … [Read More...]


Real-World Philippine Business Update

Here’s a comment that just came in over the weekend which is so good I felt it deserved to be promoted into a full-fledged article so it wouldn’t get hidden down in the bowels of the “Comments” … [Read More...]


There Is No Profit in Being a Skeptic

If you are interested in leaning how to make a living online (or off), I recommend you take the time to read h-this great article my blogging colleague Chad Hamzeh recently published. “THAT DOESN’T … [Read More...]