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Still Married After All These Years

One of the saddest categories of articles I write and comments I answer here on PhilFAQS are those regarding Divorce in the Philippines. The “sad” truth is, the is no divorce in the Philippics (for … [Read More...]


US Tourist Visa Advice

Recently I received this comment about a US Tourist Visa for a PhilFAQS reader.  It’s pretty clear to me that he didn’t actually reader the article which he commented on, Can My Philippine Friend … [Read More...]

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Move to the Philippines

Move to the Philippines — Part One

Move to the Philippines --- Part One ... This a teaser for the work I just finished on my revised Move to the Philippines page.  If you haven't read it yet, you should, at least 90% of the questions … [Read More...]

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There Is No Profit in Being a Skeptic

If you are interested in leaning how to make a living online (or off), I recommend you take the time to read h-this great article my blogging colleague Chad Hamzeh recently published. “THAT DOESN’T … [Read More...]